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Birthing, Master builder, Double Favor 














Thank you for joining your Hostess Lisa Marie for my birthday celebration  this year it was important for me to Declare the month,day and the year of my birthday the day we were born does not just have meaning based upon the astrological forecast  But has meaning according to God's purpose and plan for our Lives. in proclaiming my new year i wanted release the power and meaning of the numeric Blessings the numbers of your birthday declares who you are,by God


And is the Foundation upon where everything in your life will be built upon your numeric destiny contains your true essence of your soul. These powerful numbers  are numbers Father God chose to
define your Genetic code, these codes are renewed and transformed as we grow and mature. your birth numbers can not be altered or changed what I've come to know and understand is; that not living up to your N.G.C 'Numeric genetic code 'puts your life in REVERSE  putting you in the permissive will of God and everything you attain to and do, will be just an Illusion and substitution of who you were created

and coded to be.


This put's your soul at enmity with your Creator in your life and disrupts the natural rhythm of The earth's Energy and the synergy of your life and will have a Negative, spiritual affect in your life. we were put on Earth to heal and stay in balance. the soul will never be satisfied



when it's not in its pure essence of Mother Earth.and is not producing the fruit of of our Heavenly Father, Living according to your N.G.C. completes you. This is the seed given to each soul father God created and designed in His image and likeness.at the time of our birth this seed was designed to produce and give Glory Honor and Praise to it's creator and bear seed according to it's seeding


Genesis 1:9-12 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+1%3A9-12&version=AMP when this seed is corrupted or rejected the soul and person the seed houses immediately becomes the SEEDS OF SATAN! #Rebellion as the sin of witchcraft. the soul disconnected from God will and that is committed to sin will die without redemption  

We did not conceive of ourselves when we were born into the earth and the world so we had no control in our infancy and ignorance Unfortunately and ultimately we are not responsible for the circumstances we were born into. Which is why Knowledge is so important.


Every year I'm excited to celebrate my birthday knowing I'm living and honoring it's God given Blessings. I'm always excited to review the ending cycle of my birth year to see how  I've grown and the beautiful fruit the year has produced as a result of living in my numeric Destiny the Blessing and the formula of understanding your Birthday is understanding and calculating your numbers and reducing them

to a base number. 


The number 9 the month of my birth this means wish fulfillment as well as Birthing 22 the day of my birth and is a master number and not to be broken down.The number 22 has proven itself to be the mantle upon my life.This is also a twin number being born a twin. I understand the power and blessings of a truly kindred spirit twin soul and the power of duplication.


The number 66 is the year of my birthday which means Double favor with God and man. The number 66 when brought into singleness into its root meaning of the different power number (3) 6+6 = 12. and 1+2=3 The Holy Trinity. Your Numeric Deity is divinely yours and will help you reach and reveal your Destiny.  


                                                               I extend this Invitation to you,

                                         to join your Hostess; Lisa Marie: T.V.R

                                              for the Celebration of my Birthday 




             Love Always..
   God Bless; Lisa Marie

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